Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Less | Night two: The Less Salon


Night two: The Less Salon.
Friday, September 18th 6-9PM
Screening plus small group discussion. This will be limited to 30 participants fostering a more intimate dialog and be a salon style roundtable. This conservation will be an opportunity for us all (participants as well) to get vulnerable in community as we unpack how the themes of the film affect us personally. Sliding scale $20-40.
Pre film introductions (Zoom) 6-6:15PM
FIlm screening (via a Vimeo link): 6:15-7:30PM
Post film discussion: 7:30-9PM
The filmmakers and lead cast members will gather online for two nights to share and discuss this critically-acclaimed film, which explores isolation, connection, purpose, and identity, which feel especially poignant today while we long for each other, and yet must be apart.
All proceeds will benefit the Faithful Fools, a San Francisco-based organization that works with the homeless population in a ministry of presence that acknowledges each human’s incredible worth. The Faithful Fools’ Street Retreat experience was highly influential in the making of the film.
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Gabriel Diamond, Gabriel Goldstein, and Zak Barnett co-wrote, directed, and edited the film.
The idea for the film came from Gabriel Diamond, he was the cinematographer and producer.
Zak Barnett: Lead actor
Rebecca Noon: lead actor. She also has a long history of working with the Faithful Fools.
Lew Levinson: Lead actor
Carmen Barsody: Co-Founder of the Faithful Fools, an San Francisco based non profit that works to shatter myths about those living in poverty, seeing the light, courage, intelligence, strength, and creativity of the people they encounter. Their mission is to “discover on the streets our common humanity through which celebration, community, and healing occur.”
You are welcome to come to both events, or just one.